The Suboxone Treatment Centers of Tom’s River, New Jersey and Staten Island, New York consist of a focused and dedicated team of medical professionals with one goal, to assist recovery for every individual that chooses our out patient private treatment facility.     Our goal is to provide support as well as a speedy recover for individuals who struggle with substance use and are faced with a life focused around addiction.    Our mission statement, “A life lived well” is based on  premise that those who suffer from addiction deserve to live well. We strive to assist our patients in regaining control of their life.

Meet our Team:

Andrew P. King, MD, FACMQ, Medical Director

Aside from treating all patients with opioid addiction, Dr. Andrew King has over 30 years of OB/GYN practice experience.  Dr. King treats opioid addicted pregnant women.  Dr. King works closely with your private Obstetrician to help you navigate through your pregnancy and treatment for opioid dependency.

Dominic A. Pompa MD, Director of High Risk Medical Management

Dr. Dominic Pompa, Board Certified and practicing physician in Internal medicine. Dr. Pompa has been on the forefront of treating patient’s with opioid addiction since 2007.

Tiffany A. Pompa, MD, MS., Certified Internal Medicine, Clinical Director

Dr. Tiffany Pompa, Board Certified in Internal Medicine has extensive knowledge in dealing with patients who began their opioid therapies for pain and have now experienced addiction. She brings compassion and knowledge to our practice.

John S. King, MD., Medical Practice Coordinator

Nicole C. King, MA., Program Research  Director

Carol E. Laudo, BS, Practice Supervisor

Annette F. Pompa, MS, Practice Supervisor

Jacqueline Coppola, BA, CNA Supervisor & Staff