The help of a caring hand
It is not easy to take on addiction without the help of counseling and the aid of a physician who is understanding toward this disease as well as ready to guide you toward a life without addiction.

Sub Zone

No one wakes up one day and decides they want to be an Addict

TG is a 22 year old man in college who underwent surgery for a torn ACL and was given pain medication post – op……..

KW is a 66year old man with chronic arthritis and due to withdrawal symptoms and intense pain used his pain medication too frequently and when his physician stopped writing for it he began to buy it on the street…….

MC is a 44 year old woman who used pain medication at first to have fun and then due to unavailability switched to heroine……

Addiction happens and it doesn’t matter where you fall, all that matters is your drive to get up.  Our dedicated staff can support you on your path to recovery.